What I like about my job is that no two days are the same. Using a camera, a computer and creative flair, i can create something unique for you. From planning, to shoot, to post delivery -    it's all in hand. 



I film all types of content including: Documentary, advertising, fashion, event, drama, blog, BTS, and EPK. I own and operate all my own camera and grip equipment, and have an extensive collection of new and old lenses for every occasion and job. Kit also includes 4k and 2k camera bodies, various lighting and supports, jibs and sliders. I have good relationships with rental houses so can rent in extra gear when needed. Once captured, the footage comes back to the studio to be edited, mixed, graded and delivered. Working alongside clients or remotely, every step of the journey is collaborative, which in turn ensures an outstanding and memorable piece of content.



I have produced various genres of music for the last 25 years. This includes original film and TV score, remixes, advertising, idents, sound design and song production. Every job i work on can benefit from an original composition or vast archive of back catalogue music.  I work from my state of the art recording studio which is fully soundproofed and accoustically treated. I have a range of mics, mic pre's, valve desk and outboard, powerful Macpro and enough plug ins / soft synths to sink a ship.



I don't have a preferred stills scenario. I like to shoot everything from still life to high speed car events. People and objects, set up or covert. Lit or available light. Having embraced the DSLR revolution, and analogue film before that, i love switching between photography and video. I use the best of technology from both worlds to cross over techniques. For example a Leica 90mm stills lens used to capture moving image with a 4K camera yields amazing results. As does a vintage Nikkor 50 or Zeiss Flektagon 20, with a digital body for stills.